Storytelling at Comedy Bar



(Photoshop by Dan Galea)

Here’s a spicy tale I shared with the audience at Comedy Bar, while opening for one of my all time faves Todd Glass!

NOTICE: Due to a technical difficulty, a minute of footage was lost. Luckily, a secondary audio recorder was recording. So with the use of a little modern movie magic, you might not even be able to notice it.

Helder Brum at Comedy Bar from Helder Brum on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to share it a billion times or whatever.



The Origin of Cool Lean: SECRETS REVEALED!

Cool Lean™

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the above photo in your feed a couple of weeks ago. It’s titled “Cool Lean”. But did you know there is a story behind Cool Lean? Yeah, that’s right. It’s not just a fun named I came up with while going through old photos, IT’S A PART OF MY LIFE!

When I was about 3 years old (The Helderinho Years) I was watching an old western film with my family. I can’t for the life of me remember what movie it was, but the thing I do remember was the first moment they showed the hero of the film. He was leaning with his back against a tree, with one foot up on the tree. Really casual.

I may have been three, but I understood cool. And this guy was cool! So I learned the lean. I had to! Do you have any idea how much pressure a 3-year-old has thrust at them to be smooth?! As you can tell from the above photo, I NAILED IT! My life would never be the same, and we all knew it. (more…)

Kids Ask the Darndest Things!

Most of the time, I am completely blindsided with the fact that I’m a grown up. I know that might sound silly, but if you hung out with me and my friends, you’ll quickly realize we are just a bunch of kids in these silly adult bodies. Pretty gross really.

I am often brought back to this reality when I hang out with real children, and they come to me for advice. Just a few days ago, while visiting family for a get together, my tiny nephew came up to me and asked “Uncle Helder, where do basements come from?”.


He’s Got a Big Heart

This is what a heart looks like. - A Scientist

Usually when you hear someone say that, it means that the person they are describing is very passionate about something, and is very persistent. You’ll often hear of a sports team, or an MMA fighter as being someone with a big heart, meaning they won’t quit. No matter what.

Or you might be thinking of someone very nice and caring, full of love, as someone with a big heart.

Both are right. I always considered my younger brother as someone with a big heart. He has always been so nice and kind to everyone he meets, people fall in love with him instantly. In recent years I even got to play organized sports with him, and was amazed by him. (more…)

Oh, Hello!

Greetings, happy travelers. Welcome to my blog. You look exhausted, you should go ahead and have a seat. I’ve got a chair here for one of you, a big chair for two more to curl up in, and for someone who likes to rock, a rocking chair in the middle. Ahhhhh, much better, now we can have a friendly chat by this giant fireplace.

friendly giant fireplace cute model

So this is my first official blog post. I guess I should take a second to let you know what kind of blog this will be. Basically, I am going to use this blog as a way of scrap-booking my life and thoughts. I’ll try my best to at least submit something once a week. I’ll be blogging about things that happen to me, stories from my childhood, my struggle to become fit and healthy, my venture back into the world of stand up comedy, things I notice that I think are funny, and the ups and downs of finding love on this lonely planet. I won’t be pulling any punches, and will be pretty open about almost anything. This blog really will be my life, or at least the way I see it. I hope you enjoy.

Who is Helder Brum you may ask? (more…)