Oh, Hello!

Greetings, happy travelers. Welcome to my blog. You look exhausted, you should go ahead and have a seat. I’ve got a chair here for one of you, a big chair for two more to curl up in, and for someone who likes to rock, a rocking chair in the middle. Ahhhhh, much better, now we can have a friendly chat by this giant fireplace.

friendly giant fireplace cute model

So this is my first official blog post. I guess I should take a second to let you know what kind of blog this will be. Basically, I am going to use this blog as a way of scrap-booking my life and thoughts. I’ll try my best to at least submit something once a week. I’ll be blogging about things that happen to me, stories from my childhood, my struggle to become fit and healthy, my venture back into the world of stand up comedy, things I notice that I think are funny, and the ups and downs of finding love on this lonely planet. I won’t be pulling any punches, and will be pretty open about almost anything. This blog really will be my life, or at least the way I see it. I hope you enjoy.

Who is Helder Brum you may ask? No one knows for certain, not even me, and I am the guy. Let’s learn more about Helder Brum, the man, from some of the more well known events in his life.

1. Helder was born with a full head of hair, and spent most of his first day just laying around.

2. As a young boy, he joined The Royal Canadian Navy, and was quickly promoted to Lieutenant. He specialized in healing trees with a single touch.

cute portuguese kid in a sailor suit

3. In his 20’s he took up golf. He learned a great life lesson on the course that day, ” Just keep your head down, and take your best shot. Then you can deal with where you end up.”

golf terceira portugal

4. After the zombie apocalypse, Helder tried his best to stick around. But in the end, after everyone was turned, and no one laughed at his half baked jokes, he grabbed what lumber e could find, and built a cozy little house on the moon. He died in that home in the year 2077, ate the age of 97 of S.A.R.S. (too soon)

moon house

Let me guess, you want to know how I know how Helder will die? Psychic? Time Travel? Elaborate Fortune Cookie? No, no, no. Wait, did you say time travel? Then yes, that’s the one.

But what about all the lovely adventures he had in between these events? Well, that’s what I’ll be sharing with you.  Come back on a regular basis, and see what’s happening with me. You are going to love it. I’m super charming and witty. If nothing else, this could be very interesting.



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