Oh, Hello!

Greetings, happy travelers. Welcome to my blog. You look exhausted, you should go ahead and have a seat. I’ve got a chair here for one of you, a big chair for two more to curl up in, and for someone who likes to rock, a rocking chair in the middle. Ahhhhh, much better, now we can have a friendly chat by this giant fireplace.

friendly giant fireplace cute model

So this is my first official blog post. I guess I should take a second to let you know what kind of blog this will be. Basically, I am going to use this blog as a way of scrap-booking my life and thoughts. I’ll try my best to at least submit something once a week. I’ll be blogging about things that happen to me, stories from my childhood, my struggle to become fit and healthy, my venture back into the world of stand up comedy, things I notice that I think are funny, and the ups and downs of finding love on this lonely planet. I won’t be pulling any punches, and will be pretty open about almost anything. This blog really will be my life, or at least the way I see it. I hope you enjoy.

Who is Helder Brum you may ask? (more…)